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X, 20, Potsdam. Everything is art.

80s music brings me back to good times like when i wasnt alive

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wear your war paint

whether it’s makeup, a band tshirt, your fandom pins, tattoos, jewelry, your favorite ripped pair of jeans, or something no one else can touch or see like your favorite song repeating like a mantra in your head, the sound of your own heartbeat, or the knowledge that you were brave enough to get out of bed today when everything else inside you said “no”

wear your war paint and kick ass

I feel like crying.

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I'll never learn

  • Me: Hey, that wound looks like it's healing..
  • Me: Let's poke it and scratch the scab off!!!
  • Me: Oh, that hurts..
  • Me: *wound bleeds fucking lot*
  • Me: Well, guess I shouldn't have done that..
  • Me: *does it again when sees nearly healed wound*
Queens Of The Stone Age



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